Live show in 3D

L’Homme à la source

From Saturday 6th to Sunday 28th August 2022


Every night, the Gardens and Castle of Annevoie will come to life, depicting it’s rich past through an amazing live 3D show.



Charles-Alexis de Montpellier devoted his whole life in the creation and passionate design of his water gardens. It was his life’s work! But who was this man, hiding in his castle in the heart of the most beautiful water gardens of the country? Behind this epic man a wonderful deep mysterious person has been revealed, as he was consistently influenced by enigmatic events…


To discover this fascinating history, plan a visit to the Gardens of Annevoie to see a wonderful digital mapping show on the walls of the freshly renovated castle. Entertainment for the entire family guaranteed!




From the 6th to the 28th of August

Every evening  at 10 p.m.

Duration of the show: 40 minutes


Prices (coming soon)

Online pre-sale

Free for children under 12


Infoline :+32 82 67 97 97